What is BOAC TV?

BOAC TV (Best of Atlanta Concerts Television) is a producer of Entertainment News TV programming covering national & international music & performing arts artist and events from the cultural center of the south, Atlanta, GA.   BOAC TV develops TV entertainment news programming presented on cable, broadcast and specialty media outs as well as BOACTV.com.  This includes behind-the-scene event stories, celebrity interviews, show premiere coverage & more.   If you are a fan of music such as Jazz, Blues, R&B, Country, Songwriter, Latin, World & Classical Music, Theatre, Dance & Comedy, BOAC TV has your ticket.

Our Mission?

BOAC TV’s mission is to help viewers discover the stories behind the some of the premiere artist & events featuring music & performing arts events.  We provide a NPR style in-depth interviews & coverage so that viewers can see their favorite artist or show from a fresh thoughtful perspective.  Our focus is to provide compelling TV entertainment news programming that is entertaining & informative.

Atlanta by the Numbers?

Atlanta is widely considered the cultural center of the southern US.   Atlanta is ranked the #3 market in the US for music & entertainment consumption.  Atlanta has a robust arts & entertainment market with over 2,000 events being held in the Metro Area each day.  Atlanta has become a top ten metropolitan US market with a population of over 6 million residents.  Atlanta has the #3 ranking as home for fortune 500 companies.

Where Can BOAC TV be seen?

BOAC TV can be seen on the following:

  • Comcast Atlanta 23
  • Launch TV Studios
  • BOACTV.com